We have a future in mind:

We have a future in mind:

By His grace, we are able to look into the future, and there is great hope. The children of Kigarama, just like the children in Rwakitura, can surely hope to live in a better world tomorrow, where they will not be defined by their surname, or color, or even height.

My hope and conviction is that they will not be judged by who they know but rather how best they are able to live by the natural values that govern our land. It is then, that the common person will be king in his society.

My fellow humble citizens will be so powerful and they will no longer be dealing with petty problems like insufficient household income, lack of money for school fees, girls will be dealing with bigger problems than menstrual management, the young people will be dealing with bigger dreams. This time is surely not far, and as a people, we must dream and look forward to it.

Greetings from Kigarama!

Alexander Kyokwijuka, Humble Citizen, Kigarama – Ndorwa East

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  1. Silas Baryagasha June 2, 2021 at 3:22 pm

    Keep inspiring generations comrade

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