They have learnt to shoot without missing we must learn to fly without perching:

They have learnt to shoot without missing we must learn to fly without perching:

Unfettered wisdom from our Igbo clansmen

Owing to his great wisdom, Chinua Achebe illustrated very well the realities of life when he used the analogy of Eneke the bird. We all know when Eneke was asked why he now flies without perching his wings, he said, that since men have learnt to shoot without missing, he has also learnt to fly without perching his wings.

This analogy speaks so directly to life especially in this uncertain times and looking at the survival for the fittest that governs everything we do now. Talk about business, politics, religion, school, social life, mention it.

Life has taught me that people must learn to adapt to various situations as they occur since society and the people therein change every now and then. In a larger context, we ought to be prepared to move with the times, be alert enough not to be swallowed by the changing realities of f the world.

The other day someone was telling me how there are new tax laws that are being”cooked” in Parliament. And i told them that taxation is not bad, but the problem is that the people don’t actually get the services they need even after paying the taxes. But since we have learnt that some of these leaders are determined to keep milking us without getting tired, as a people, we shall find a way of surving amidst their many burdensome taxes. We shall start flying without perching our wings, so to say!

The famous or infamous song “Tumbisa Sound” that alludes to the fact that people got tired of lock down, got their hearts hardened, and left them determined to do their thing even amidst corona, to me is a great song that speaks to this reality. When the young man says, “emitima jjakaluba” (loosely meaning that “our hearts got hardened and stronger), for me it goes beyond just adapting to COVID19 adduced lockdown. It goes out to point to the life struggles that we go through everyday that make us stronger. It is those experiences that we go through that strengthen our resolve and leave us stronger even to fight on.

At my age, i know that it is not the Education we get in school especially in the classroom that matters, but the education we get through experiencing life. Recently i wrote about living with an open mind for one to be able to continuously learn from life experiences.

It is therefore very dangerous to keep flying while perching your wings yet you know that men (especially those who may not be happy to see you progressing) have learnt to shoot without aiming and without missing. Am i saying that my friend from “Magere” is playing in the hands of my friend from “Rwakitura” !? Well, somehow but i don’t want to go there today.

The bottom line is, in life, you must learn and set yourself to always adapt to changes in society and by people especially those around you. We must emulate “Eneke” the bird. We must draw fron Achebe’s great wisdom to live a meaningful life.

Until my next note, Greetings from Kigarama!

Alexander Kyokwijuka, Humble Citizen, Kigarama – Ndorwa East

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