As a son of the soil, having been orphaned at a very young age. I know what it means growing up in these villages. I understand the plight of the young people, the women (most of them breadwinners for their families), the men who struggle to earn 1 USD a month, and these people have families to raise. Because of the prevailing circumstances, taking children to school is no so fashionable because it is so costly even when there is Universal education at Primary and secondary school.

My effort is to ensure that through my initiatives and those of my friends and well-wishers, we can help raise the household income so that the cost of living is afforded by the majority, and those who can, can actually better their standard of living. Capacity building for youth and Women Groups will go a long way in making good of this desire. Lobbying for cheap and affordable credits for already established community groups is one of my priorities. Sensitization to the people about the available Government programs is part of the game too.

Good Living for Everyone