The four sub counties of Maziba, Kaharo, Kyanamira and Buhara have a total of 19 Health Facilities including Health Center IIs and Health Center IIIs. The general challenges of insufficient funding, under staffing and limited capacity facing the health sector in Uganda, has not spared Ndorwa East.


The population is still under sensitized and therefore people still die of curable and preventable diseases like malaria and others. My focus is on sensitizing the local people through periodic medical camps to ensure the right mindset and keeping an informed populace to reduce on the risk of people dying of preventable and curable diseases. 

AIDS and HIV are still a big problem especially in our villages. The traumatization of AIDS victims is still a big problem. Reproductive health services are still limited and this has caused a lot of school dropouts. Menstruation Management is still a challenge for majority of the women and girls. My effort is to reach out to many well-wishers for a concerted effort in supplementing Government efforts to address these challenges so we have a healthy Ndorwa East.

Good Health for All