Dear friends,

Following the most recent national address by the President of the Republic of Uganda on 18th June 2021 on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the new presidential directives that were issued accordingly, the organizing Committee for the Kyokwijuka cup wishes to inform all stakeholders that all preparations have been put on hold pending the return of normalcy gievn the current situation.

The committee will give guidance as and when the preparations shall resume, depending on how the COVID19 situation unfolds.

Our principal, Alexander Kyokwijuka, also known as the humble citizen from Kigarama, also wishes to urge all Ugandans, especially the people of Kigarama and Ndorwa East at large, to continue observing all the SOPs in place, eat fruits like pineapples, yellow bananas and the like, wear masks at all times you are in company of other people, and ensure to stay safe amidst this deadly pandemic.

All young people in the sub counties of Maziba, Buhara, Kyanamira and Kaharo who are supposed to take part in the football tournament, are encouraged to keep doing personal training so as to be fit enough to take part in the games once they kick off anytime after the lockdown.

Stay safe, wear your mask, sanitize

Our principal brings you greetings from Kigarama!?

Organizing Committee

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