My village, My benchmark!

My village, My benchmark!

It is a public secret that 80% of the people who know me, know that I come from a village called Kigarama, whether you know about the village or you don’t. I have also come to discover that there are so many villages called “Kigarama” in Ibanda, Fort Portal, and Kabale and this has made some people think that I come from either, Ibanda, Fort Portal or any other district that has a village called Kigarama.

And because of this, I have got people asking me what is so special with my village Kigarama because i use it as part of my identity. Some have even tried to guess so many things.

By away from this, I am proud to keep mentioning my village Kigarama because it I my biggest benchmark.

In life, you need to have something that will keep you in reference with your origin. This helps you keep the authentic you, but also helps you appreciate and celebrate small successes.

When you keep a clear history growing up in the village like I do, when yo buy a new shirt, a new pair of trousers, a property, a car, when you build a house, when you achieve an academic success, when you achieve family success, to mention it, you will be able to appreciate and celebrate these small successes and this will mam your life happier.

When I go to some of these big places, I don’t go just as me, but as a representative of my fellow village mates, the people of Kigarama and as such, I mind what I do because then, I am a village champion with so many village boys and girls looking up to me.

When I go back to my village, the experience reminds me that we are supposed to love one another and serve one another as humans. It is in the village that you will receive a genuine smile from an old woman with only two teeth in her mouth. It is in the village that you will receive a genuine hug from an old man or woman direct from the garden and you will enjoy it even with your white shirt. It is in a village like Kigarama where you will be blamed genuinely for refusing to join a family for a meal when you find them eating. The list is endless.

Now, for me, keeping reference to my Village is something that keeps me in check and constant motivation in am that i do.

Are you proud of where you come from!? Think about it, you will be more authentic and uphold the genuine virtues that are innocently cherished in the village.

Greetings from Kigarama!

Alexander Kyokwijuka, Humble Citizen, Kigarama – Ndorwa East

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