If you grew up in the same circumstances like me, or you have made an effort to make certain things happen, then this phrase “defying the odds” must be very familiar with your mind.

So, in my discussions with most people, especially those that have made some money, or created some wealth for themselves or even built a business or two, it can also be the guys that have made serious strides in the political field or any other kind of achievement, I have discovered one thing that almost cuts across. They have at some point defied the odds. And I wish to share a few thoughts about the same principle of defying the normal.

The world runs and operates on certain set systems, and these systems are unfortunately not decided upon by some sort of Democratic process where every human being gets to contribute to the kind of set up. A few people who have the “means” actually determine these systems and operate them. This trickles Dow to the smallest social units like the family and village. Therefore society operates on some sort of principles which determine “the normal way of doing things”.

Unfortunately, it is the average people that are expected to follow these rules and principles that are portrayed as the “normal ways of doing things” and these sometimes can only enable you to just keep living. But the makers and operators of these systems actually don’t follow the same set principles. Because that know if they have to make a difference, they cannot follow some set of procedures because then the outcome I already determined.

The go-getters, the change makers, the entrepreneurs, the politicians, the innovators, the big names we all know about, do not get where they are by following the said systems. They did something out of the normal.

The biggest ambition for you should be to be part of those who actually set these systems. This can be at any level. It can be at village level, District, or even national level. Can you strive to be part of the small group that actually sets rules for the others!? Can you endeavor to not just follow rules, but have the confidence to question those rules, try doing something out of the normal.

In my opinion, work hard and create some wealth, seek more knowledge and wisdom, surround yourself with people who matter, people who will add value to you, and you will stop being just a good citizen who follows all the rules but never makes a difference.

Defy the odds today, set your own rules and work to set rules for the rest of the people around you.

Greetings from Kigarama!

Alexander Kyokwijuka, Humble Citzen, Kigarama – Ndorwa East

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