As you start your work, don’t forget us, the villagers:

As you start your work, don’t forget us, the villagers:

A simple note to the 11th Parliament

Dear friends,

I greet you. It’s a new day. The political contest season is over and a new day is upon us. We have an opportunity to reignite our energies and steer clear towards the bigger picture of this country.

I wish to congratulate all those that have been through electioneering, and also encourage those still bruised to take heart.

To the new MPs, congratulations upon your swearing in. I know you must be feeling very energised that you are officially Honorable members of the great legislative house.

As you settle in, and as you start your official Business, I wish to remind you of a few realities just in case you forgot. That we of Kigarama still wish to get the best of services despite living in some of these hard-to-reach areas. We still hope that you will think about us.

Dear Hon members, please keep in mind that you are still part of us, and we deserve good leadership.

Just next month, you will be passing the National Budget for 2021/22. I don’t have the exact figures yet but I know that our budget is going to be around 44 Trillion Uganda Shillings, our expected revenue collection is around 22 Trillion Uganda Shillings, Part of this budget is that we are supposed to pay interest on loan repayment of 15 Trillion Uganda Shillings, and I am not talking about paying the principal. We have not yet thought about that one.

We get these expensive loans from China ,World Bank ,IMF, ADB, Islamic Bank and the countries under Paris club, among others.

You must have seen recently when some news papers published that Uganda would need 99 years to clear her current debt if we don’t borrow anymore.

I don’t want to overload you with information. First use this little I have highlighted the way you want🤦🏽‍♂️

Back home, the dilapidated schools where you sat your campaign meetings are still there. The ill-equiped hospitals where you ran for a pain killer after a long days campaign and you were surprised that the pain killer wasn’t there, are still the same, we, villagers are using, the same village food Kiosk guy where you had quick lunch and paid 3000 for a meal, is still operating but that guy has dreams of upgrading into a big hotel owner.

The young people that lifted you from the campaign meeting venue to your car in support of your bid, are still there and majority are still unemployed, and some are even unemployable, and I can understand that they did not have enough time to listen to them because you were rushing to another campaign meeting, but am just reminding you that they are still there.

Look, the things the people were telling you that they don’t have income at home and the children don’t have fees, they were not lying. It is true, and I know you cannot provide all these even when you sometimes could have promised in order to win their hearts.

When some people didn’t support you because you belonged to a different party, they were doing it just for a season and that time, they wanted to belong and belonging is okay, but don’t forget to go back and reach out to them. Don’t punish them for being part of opposition.

Dear Hon. MPs,

Receive this free advice from the humble citizen from Kigarama;

As you start on your yearn of office,

Please mind about the common person down I. The hard to reach village where you went for the first time as you looked for support.

as you legislate, please think about the future of this country, think about the over 79% of Ugandans who are below the age of 35 years, and still have more life on earth, mind about the kind of country they are going to inherit.

As you appropriate fundand pass Budget on the flow of parliament. Be informed by the situation the health, education, and agricultural sectors are in. Be motivated by the dreams by the you. Children deep down in villages of Kigarama, be moved by the rotting talents deep in the villages, come to the reality of how many women still die while giving birth, be concerned about how many children drop out of school because they simply can’t afford the dues.

Be moved by how many families can’t afford two meals yet they have 10 children in that house hold.

These realities I know you know. But the serene environment around Parliament make you forget these realities. We are so many who look up to you, and we look forward to getting more inspired by your diligent service to the people of Uganda.

When you do well, we shall also have where to start from when you finally hand the mantle to us because our generation is bleeding and bleeding heavily.

Lastly, we are so happy for you that you have come this far. We shall always be there to hold your back and support you when you need us. Don’t hesitate to call on us especially when things become tough. We are your brothers and sisters, and you hold that power on our behalf.

Don’t forget to pray and ask God for WISDOM & GRACE because if you arm yourself with those two, you will conquer.

Receive greetings from Kigarama, and be blessed.

Alexander Kyokwijuka
Humble Citizen, Kigarama, Ndorwa East

9 thoughts on “As you start your work, don’t forget us, the villagers:”

  1. Very inspirational my brother indeed this potray how humble you are

  2. Ian Jason Niiwebyona May 26, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    I hope they get to read and heed.

  3. Dear Kyokwijuka,
    I must confess that I have read this article with great bemusement. The realities of life in Uganda we ought to keep reflecting, projecting, appealing to and yet planning to solve.
    I am personally filled with enthusiasm, energy, gratefulness for being a member of a new parliament.
    I vividly recall the words of Rt. Hon Jacob Oulanya in the NRM caucus as he appealed to members to rebrand the debate; to not focus on heaps of statics, rather focus on projecting the individual lives in our communities and pitching our observations.
    We must be hopeful than never before.

    • Alexander Kyokwijuka May 27, 2021 at 9:22 am

      Thank you so much ndugu Hon. Rugumayo Edison for taking time to read my simple note. I am confident that the young people of Western Uganda indeed picked the right person and couldn’t have had a better representative than you. We are hopeful and enthusiastic about you and look forward to great leadership, no doubt about that. Indeed we must start reflecting on the people back in the community as we do our work, because only then, will our leadership impact on our country.

      Thank you so much ndugu, once again.

  4. This is nice hope they pick a leaf

  5. I have read into the humbling realities of our lives and of those in the villages we come from. Indeed, nothing has changed for us, but a alot has changed for the MPs and their close relations. May they not forget that they represent the masses that voted for them, may they be motivated to create a legacy that will outlive them, may that be their utmost goal.

    If your message can sink in for them, then we will see a different Uganda.

    Thanks my friend. How I wish this article runs in the mainstream print media.


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