As we battle COVID-19, here are my humble thoughts!

As we battle COVID-19, here are my humble thoughts!

COVID19 found us unprepared and threw us into a state of confusion and gambling. Everyone from medics to politicians, to the citizens, the Business community, etc. seems to be gambling and scrambling for survival. I am concerned that the folks we expect to guide masses on way forward and strategy also seem not to have the right answers. Social media pundits have also taken control of the social fabric of our society with daily death announcements (including real deaths, imagined deaths, and anticipated deaths, wished deaths) and people no longer have a breathing space.

The long awaited vaccine finally came and kaboom, a lot of conspiracy theories emerged about the safety of the vaccine. What is confusing is that the arguments for and against the vaccine all seem to hold water. In such a situation, a humble citizen like me especially from Kigarama is left to survive by the mercy and grace of God.

I think it is high time those with authority took control of this whole situation so they can direct the country out of this pandemic with poise, precision and confidence, otherwise, we risk losing more people to the psycho – social effects of COVID 19 than COVID19 itself.

Citizens must be seen taking individual responsibility to comply with the set SOPs set by the Health experts, so that spread and infection is minimized to at least 80%, our leaders also must be seen strategizing on how to drive the country out of this dangerous wave of this virus. Private sector players must desist the temptation of wanting to make quick money, by over-charging patients who unfortunately find themselves overpowered by this virus and end up in these facilities.

Amidst disturbing information from the public health facilities managing COVID 19 patients alleging that some patients are losing life due to shortages in oxygen supply, the respective authorities must be seen taking all possible measures to fix this situation. This diseases has no definite cure yet, but the fact that some people have recovered from it (over 90% recovery rate) means that it is possible we can manage it.

As we undergo certain limitations as a way of controlling the pandemic, we all should be cautious about the challenges roaming ahead especially with the economy that is not doing as well as should have been due to this pandemic. Well aware that the cost of doing business is still high especially the tax regime, with the roaming unemployment rate as a result of this pandemic, with the cost of borrowing still high, I would expect government to be looking at very many options aimed at catapulting the economy back into motion once this whole thing clears.

Medical practitioners and researchers, this would be their time to put a mark on the being of this country. Thanks to Prof. Patrick Ogwang who seems to have teased us with a product that has gone viral for its possibility to cure COVID. My thinking, having seen the National Drug Authority coming out to say they have not yet approved the said product, is that the NDA should not hide behind protocol and bureacracitic procedures to delay this product being availed to the population if it is proved to be working. My village thinking would suggest that you handle this with special attention and expedite the quality assurance and approval process so Ugandans can get the relief from daily R.I.Ps which have become a song.

To the scientists, don’t just come out to rubbish the wrongs being spread by some elements among the population. Come up with alternative solutons because you hold expert authority in this particular situation.

To the President and the entire leadership, we don’t need more lockdowns, we only need to emphasize more compliance with the SOPs, spread more messages of hope, and intentionally plan on how to collectively defeat this virus without creating more problems.

Until my next note, Greetings from Kigarama!

Alexander Kyokwijuka, Humble Citizen, Kigarama, Ndorwa East.

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