An expensive shirt borrowed, may not give you more confidence than a cheap one that you own.

An expensive shirt borrowed, may not give you more confidence than a cheap one that you own.

Friends, i am back with another tale!
I remember a vice that i picked from boarding school. Fresh from Kigarama, i joined some other children from “well-to-do families” for school. The reality here is that where more than three classes of people are gathered, each class will always find its level. The rich, the middle ones and the poor, but there were also the extremely poor. And you can only understand that you are poor after juxtaposing yourself with one who is well-off.

Let me expound on this further.

Whereas i was from Kigarama, aware of the humble background i was from, i also realized there were some other children who were much more poorer than i was. But as peer influence always has it, the rich children who would buy good looking clothes, the nice jeans with chains (we called all that “bling bling”, i think from some of the great musicians then like 50 Cent, Usher Raymond, and the like).
So, every Sunday, while at St. Joseph’s Vocational School – Mbarara (JOVOC), Mr. Brown (the camera man) was always at school to do photo shooting (taking pictures). It became almost a habit that one would have to take pictures on Sunday and do some of us who had no big deal of latest outfit, we had to borrow. We were many.

A single pair of jean trousers would be used by over 20 of us to take pictures and some friends would even want to go with it when they wanted to go out. At the end of the day, you would not know who the actual owner is.

But why were we borrowing jean trousers to take pictures!?

The answer is very simple;

We wanted to look our best to have these pictures taken. I also know that some of my friends who would go for concerts to Marry Hill High School, Bweranyangyi Girls, Immaculate Heart Girls school Nyakibare, used to go on borrowed jeans, and nice slick t-shirts, with great chains around their necks (😂 whatever that meant, i still don’t know).

When i left school, i learnt that even older people were still borrowing clothes especially suits for functions. There are even service providers who deal in exactly that service of lending out suits and other types of clothes.

The danger though is always, what if something happens to this borrowed cloth!? How will you tell the owner that the jeans got torn?😂😂 And you will be on tenterhooks all the time.

This is why, while in borrowed clothes, you will have to be careful even as you walk to avoid any damages on the cloth. You will never be so comfortable and therefore not confident enough. And if someone is on borrowed clothes, you can easily tell.
Now, How many of us are living some kind of borrowed lifestyles? We are living in borrowed ways and we are no longer the original us? Borrowed lifestyle because we want to appease our loved ones, we want to fit in some social class, or we want to appear more important 😂.

Look here friends, while we borrowed those jean trousers, tornado would befall you if you borrowed and realized you were supposed yo wash the same jean trouser, 🙆. You would curse. Remember very many people have dressed it on, some properly hadn’t even bathed well. Sometimes maybe these jeans and clothes would come with skin diseases. Maybe you would sometimes fall out of favor with the owner and you were supposed to go for a concert at Mary Hill😎, that is when you would learn the hard way to own yours😂.
To my fellow young people out there, i personally learnt later in life that looking smart in borrowed clothes is more expensive than owning your own. I started opting to own my cheap ones and i remember in S.3 after saving money from my cobbler job at school, i bought my first designer jeans (second hand of course) from one of my classmates, and word went around the dormitory that i all now owned a designer jeans trouser, and revelers would now start borrowing from me😂😎.

My thoughts this morning go to all those people out there who may still be living “borrowed lifestyles”, especially the young people, forcing accent to sound American, or like some people who may seem high level to you, its high time you appreciated that living a life not yours is more expensive. Renting an expensive apartment, is more expensive than owning your own humble home, and certainly, the latter will give you more comfort. Having your own dreams will even make your life more interesting.

Each day of your life, YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE YOU, because after all, you are you and will never be someone else. Living some other persons life can be stressing and less paying. The reason i am proud to mention where i come from every time is because Kigarama is the first city i know, Kampala, Los Angeles , Paris, are secondary places, and don’t matter to me more than Kigarama. Saying otherwise, would present me as a hypocrite, imposter, and impersonator.

So, before you borrow another shirt, trouser, skirt, pair of shoes, always remember that an expensive borrowed shirt or skirt may not give you more confidence and comfort than a cheap one that you own.

Until my next Note, Greetings from Kigarama!

Alexander Kyokwijuka, Humble Citizen, Kigarama, Ndorwa East

9 thoughts on “An expensive shirt borrowed, may not give you more confidence than a cheap one that you own.”

  1. I love the message. And having had the same experience at the same school. I find this timely and so educative. Thanks

  2. Kamugisha Rodgers March 24, 2021 at 8:49 am

    So inspiring!

  3. Hehehehehe, I did this always Alex…this was my lifestyle at school

  4. Good counsel

  5. My children must read this

  6. Rodgers Meanie Akiiki March 24, 2021 at 9:20 am

    Well presented! Educative & exact
    Nice piece, just a concern about making the pronoun “I” capital wherever it is used. Thanks

  7. Nyakato Julianah March 24, 2021 at 9:45 am

    Wawoooo this is beautiful and educative🙏🙏

  8. KUKUNDAKWE ONESMUS March 24, 2021 at 11:08 pm

    Great article!

  9. Doreen Victory N March 25, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    This is so true ,great lesson indeed..
    Thank you for sharing Mr. Kyokwijuka

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